MSU CHM - Flint Campus

1) Diagnostic Radiology

2) Radiation Oncology

Diagnostic Radiology

Students will review the correlating radiologic studies performed on both inpatients and outpatients and learn to understand the principles of and guidelines for radiologic safety. Students will participate in film interpretation and will join the radiologist in discussions and consultations with referring physician regarding specific patients and problems.

Comments from students who chose this elective:

  • "You will see lots of films and procedures but your time is mostly your own to decide what to do."
  • "Learned a great deal and feel more competent at reading films."
Radiation Oncology

Designed to give the student an opportunity to participate in the evaluation and management of patients with neoplastic conditions in a radiation oncology department. The student will have an opportunity to work closely with radiation oncologists to learn specialized examination techniques. The student with see how available treatment options for cancers and related conditions are developed and posed, learn the basis for treatment recommendations, become aware of the technical challenges of radiation therapy, and better understand the medical and psycho-social problems encountered in patients with a serious illness with uncertain outcomes. The student will also learn how radiation biology and radiation physics are integrated into clinical practice.