MSU CHM - Flint Campus

1) Orthopedic Surgery

2) Vasculary Surgery

Orthopedic Surgery

Students will gain experience in traumatic and reconstructive orthopedic surgery. Fractures, splinting, and the care of the injured extremity will be stressed. Students will assist in surgical procedures as well as participate in an office orthopedic practice which includes general problems, such as pain in walking, swollen joints, back pain, sprains, bruises, pain and tenderness, casting, exercise, and rehabilitation.

Vasculary Surgery

This clerkship will offer an introduction to vein, artery, and lymphatic surgical problems and common related surgical procedures. Handling of common office problems includes the examination for degree of temperature alteration, color changes and the presence of abnormal color, presence or absence of atrophy, loss of skin tone, loss of hair pattern, and presence of swelling, superficial alteration of the veins.