MSU CHM - Flint Campus

The Board of Directors is the governing body of Michigan State University Flint Area Medical Education. Each affiliate appoints three representatives and one alternate to serve on the board for two-year terms. The MSUFAME CEO & President also serves on the board. The board chair and vice-chair are appointed each academic year on a rotating schedule between the medical centers.

2014-2016 Board of Directors

Board Chair*: Dr. Kenneth Steibel (Term 2014-2016)

Board Vice-Chair: To Be Announced by HMC (Term 2014-2016)

Voting Members
Seat       Name       Title
MSU/CHM*       Dr. Norman Beauchamp       Dean, Human Medicine
MSU/CHM*       Dr. Aron Sousa       Senior Associate Dean, Human Medicine
MSU/CHM       (Open)        
MSU/CHM - Alternate       Mr. Jerry Kooiman       Assistant Dean, External Affairsh
GRMC*       Mr. Chris Palazzolo       President/CEO
GRMC       Dr. Kenneth Steibel       President of the Medical Staff
GRMC       Dr. Mark Vogel       Director of Behavioral Science & Psychology, Psychology Fellowship Program Director
GRMC - Alternate       (Open)        
HMC*       Ms. Melany Gavulic       President/CEO
HMC       Dr. Michael Jaggi       VP/Chief Medical Officer
HMC       Dr. Ghassan Bachuwa       Program Director, Internal Medicine & Transitional Year
HMC - Alternate       Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha       Program Director, Pediatrics
McL*       Mr. Chad Grant       President/CEO
McL       Dr. Binesh Patel       Chief Medical Officer 
McL       Dr. Parul Sud       Internal Medicine Residency Group
McL - Alternate       (Open)        
Non-Voting Members
Seat       Name       Title
GRMC       (Open)        
HMC       Mr. James Buterakos       Director, Medical Education
McL       Ms. Erin Reis       Director, Medical Education 
MSU/FAME       Ms. Kathy Assiff       Director of Student Programs

 *Executive Committee Member

MSU/CHM = Michigan State University/College of Human Medicine
GRMC = Genesys Regional Medical Center
HMC = Hurley Medical Center
McL = McLaren Flint
MSU/FAME = MSU/Flint Area Medical Education