Director of Student Programs: Kathleen Assiff, MA
Contact Kathy at 810.600.5624 or

Community Outreach Specialist: Jonne McCoy-White, DrPH
Contact Jonne at 810.600.5623 or

Administrative Assistant for Corporate Affairs & Medical Education Programs: Robbin Auston
Contact Robbin at 810.600.5620 or

Assistant Director of Student Programs: Ashley May
Contact Ashley at 810.600.5625 or

Director of Finance: Jamie Pemberton
Contact Jamie at 810.600.5627 or

Administrative Assistant: Ashlee Wells
Contact Ashlee at 810.600.5604 or

Administrative Assistant: Fabian Haywood
Contact Fabian at 810.600.5617 or

Administrative Assistant: Dawn Conlen
Contact Dawn at 810.600.5623 or

System Administrator: Jarrod Miller
Contact Jarrod at 810.600.5631 or